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May 13, 2007



Hi Marjorie; Have you ever considered duplicate stitching over seams? It makes the seams "evaporate" (from the outside, at least).

Happy mother's day, and I hope you are enjoying the "early mother's day present" you recently...ah...acquired.


Now that is great seaming. Unless you look really, really, really closely, it looks like the entrelac units just flow right through. Seaming scares me --I guess that's why I'm a sock knitter. :-)

Judy G

Happy Mother's Day! I've done the same technique you're planning- putting the band around the bottom after the side seam is sewn- it works well, and it is nice to have the colour continuity. Good luck in the pale light of the morning!


Your work is always so amazing! Juggling them all too!

Alice Abrash

Hi Marjorie,
I am just getting back into knitting (and other past needlework loves) after taking a L-O-N-G hiatus to raise and support my family. I am so happy to have stumbled upon you knitting "journal" and have learned so much from you adventure with the entrelac jacket which is gorgeous. I have been trying to teach myself entrelac and have done fairly well, but there is one thing that confounds my aging brain: Sweater side seams!
I have tried knitting panels several different ways, and I simply cannot get the panels to line up properly on the sides...(I am very picky!). I notice that you have inserted lovely little seed stitch inserts along your side seams. Is this a design element or is it the only way to nicely join entrelac panels along the sides?
I would truly appreciate any knowledge you might impart about this as it is driving me crazy!
Many thanks.
Alice Abrash
Reston, Virginia
P.S. Could you please respond by email? I am not good with negotiating the various forms of Social Media. (Yes, I am old!)

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