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May 10, 2007



Great letter to the editor, Marjorie! I love it. Perfectly said.


Well said, M! Well said.

Judy G

Well thanks, Marjorie. Now I've got my knickers in a knot. I can't believe that the authors aren't just trying to stir the pot a bit. I mean, how could you live with a knitter and be so dense? If all we were knitting was work clothes and had no other means of covering ourselves, then they could call it work, but there is so much joy and satisfaction in the process that it transcends the label of labour (unless you're doing a mindless endless garter stitch something). Yes, I wrote a little note to the editor.
Maybe I'll go and have lunch now and calm down.


You go, girl! (Nice letter...)


Way to go. The most I could add would be, "Yeah, what she said!"

There comes a time when the so called specialists should just give it a rest. No one can be right all of the time.

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