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May 24, 2007



Those buttons look perfect! The Seraphim looks very elegant -- that's one of my favourite patterns, classy with not so much going on that the motif can't shine.


The sweater is VERY nice--the shawl is LOVELY! Congratulations Marjorie--I have always been impressed with your methodical manner of moving through, from CO to FO.


Judy G

I did not realize that this was your first foray into entrelac. Wow! That's an ambitious first go! It looks great. The buttons look just right (and I'm still impressed that there is a store devoted to buttons!). The shawl is beautiful. This sounds like I'm a raving agreeable fan. I am.


The entrelac looks amazing - nice work! - and the buttons are perfect. Nice shawl too!

On the draping, actually that makes more sense to me than flat patterns, so I am actually pretty excited about eventually learning about it in that fashion design program! There is a whole class for it that I will definitely be taking.


Almost there! The shawl is fantastic!


What a beautiful job you've done! I like the buttons you've chosen. The collar looks really nice.

The shawl is REALLY nice too!

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