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March 23, 2007



Wow. Sounds like your dad was pretty old school. Good for you that you didn't listen.

Your comment about checking for corrections on the publisher's/magazine's website is right on. Countless tears are shed and projects abandoned because the patterns have errors. Even worse, lots of patterns are invented and knitted up in only one size--directions for the other sizes are extrapolated mathematically--giving even more scope for error.

Good thing you are in the editing business--maybe you could make a specialty of knitting books, since you know what to look for! (And wouldn't that surprise your dad as a line of work!?)


I'm not sure early childhood education would have paid much better than your chosen career!!

I agree about the skepticism as well - I have trouble sometimes having it not cross over into cynicism!

Have a nice weekend - don't work too hard!


love your seraphim!
may i ask which green yarn you are using?


I love the entrlac colors. Amazing.


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