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March 18, 2007




That shawl is beautiful. Congratulations, Marjorie. Good luck with that ribbing.


Seraphim is lovely! Can't wait to see the model shots. I do, however, think it is very mean of you to dangle the idea of going to work and actually editing knitting books in front of the rest of us poor slobs. Now I have to drag myself off to work to a job that doesn't even remotely have a connection to knitting. Sigh!


The shawl is gorgeous! I would never guess that you aren't that experienced in that type of knitting.

Caren Pelletier

Seraphim looks fabulous! It's definitely on my todo list. :-)


Lovely shawl! I have yarn on the way for that one, in a bright red. I can't wait to see the modeling shots!


Your shawl is gorgeous! I am always impressed when I see lace work knitted up. I have only attempted one scarf, which I got bored with about halfway through. Not that this is anything new to me, nor specific to lace, but it does mean I haven't ever finished a lace project. So I admire other people's beatiful lace. :)


oooh the shawl is pretty!

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