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February 05, 2007



Very interesting post, as always.

Even though I've always had an overload of yarns and patterns to choose from, it didn't take me long to realize that most commercial patterns need some tweaking in order to either a.) fit me properly b.) make more sense to knit - i.e., why knit pieces flat if both the front and back are the same? c.) make them easier to finish/seam/avoid seaming (see b.)

What I do feel very grateful for is the plethora of information that's available on the internet through blogs, articles, etc. - this has been a huge factor in my picking up so many knitting techniques so quickly.


that yarn is beautiful—i have some in that color from green mountain spinnery that is a different fiber (no mohair). their yarn is just great. back in the 80s it was one of the only ones avaialable to us, and i really fawned over the choices. i think everyone in my family has a sweater from their yarn!

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