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January 26, 2007



I could have called that one as an Elsebeth Lavold sweater any day - nice!

I really enjoy knitting to audiobooks, and not all of them are fiction, although I do enjoy those too. I have an audible.com membership and they have a decent selection of biographies and nonfiction too.

Does your library have a feature where you can download audiobook mp3 files? Mine does - they required an additional registration to use it and the selection was not great, but I did try it a few times.

Also, amazon.com has a great selection of books on CD that are sold by individual sellers - I got one for $4 including shipping when I had exceeded the maximum renewals at the library on a particular book I was listening to.


In my sophomore year in high school I tried to fake out a test on "The Old Man and the Sea". It was so boring I never read it. I flunked the test and my grade ended up being a B - I never go anything less than A's and I was devastated. Love the Lavold sweater. It's going to look terrific with the skirt.


I can't stand to read anything that's been translated. Something is missing. I think English was a second langauge for Joseph Conrad and I never really enjoyed his work either. Tried to fake a test in college on Brecht (yuck) and got a B- also. Is that the standard grade when they know you really didn't read the book but put so much work into pretending you did?

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